Expert deposition services in Thailand
We work with elite court reporters and legal professionals across the globe to make sure your deposition is in the right hands.

Locally-based court reporters

Our trusted court reporters have international deposition experience, along with the ability and know-how to get the job done with the highest-quality results.

Legal videographers

Legal videographers trained in the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, so you can be sure that your video record will be taken in a manner consistent with your jurisdiction’s requirements.

Deposition interpreters

Internationally-accredited language professionals with deposition experience and unbending standards of quality.


First-rate videoconferencing facilities in Thailand. Our simple solutions will save you time and hassle.

Realtime court reporting

Highly-trained, internationally-located realtime reporters prepared to deliver your instant verbatim record.

Meeting minutes

Have a meeting that needs to be on the record? Our skilled verbatim recorders are available when you need them.

Transcription & Captioning services

Our reporters are proficient in a variety of transcription services including litigation, arbitration, meeting/event transcription, radio and TV broadcast transcription (CART).


Go paperless and save money with electronic transcripts. When you want the flexibility or ease of an electronic transcript, you can trust our experienced team of local providers to get the job done right.

Last minute coverage

If anyone can find coverage for your last minute deposition, it’s our global deposition experts. We’ll work tirelessly to schedule the services you need within your timeframe.

Arbitration services

Our court reporters and interpreters can handle international arbitrations with ease. Ask us for our special pricing and service arrangements, including simultaneous interpreting in several languages at once.

Foreign Notaries

Do you need a notary public or similar service in a foreign country for your deposition? Or do you need coordination with the local U.S. consulate for deposition-related services? We’ll handle it for you.

Free Consulting

We’re happy to provide free information, based on our nearly two decades of practical experience working internationally. Ask us far ahead of time, we love to help you plan, even if you don’t end up needing our services.
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Insider tips
Our dedicated team of experts are here to help you find the best solutions for your deposition in Thailand. Contact us for more insider advice.

Ian Hardy

CEO & Founder

“When swearing in a witness outside of the U.S., the easiest solution is for both sides to stipulate on the record that the court reporter can swear in the witness. Stipulating on the record is an excellent solution because it works in all cases, with both U.S. certified and foreign certified reporters (ie: BIVR), and is the most expedient way to ensure the admissibility of your witness’ testimony.”

Kimberlee Castro

Director of Scheduling

“Some U.S. depositions use foreign notaries to swear in the witness, but this procedure is complicated by the fact that a majority of foreign jurisdictions do not have the equivalent of U.S. notary publics. Sometimes, foreign attorneys can be used as notaries, but this depends on the country and can be expensive. I always advise my clients to be wary of relying on foreign notaries as a solution, and to try to work out an agreement with opposing counsel to stipulate if at all possible.”

Sheree Martin

Global Deposition Assistant

“When scheduling an international deposition, we ideally recommend getting started 4-6 weeks in advance to save you and your client money, time, and stress. Of course, it is possible to work within a much shorter timeframe when necessary.”

Testimonials from our clients
I could not have hand-picked a better team for these depositions. It was a source of great distress to have a team of unknown individuals who were confirmed at the last minute but this turned out to be a Godsend. Not only were they good, they were fun to work with, so much so that there were hugs and pictures at the end. Just an awesome experience."E.D. Attorney
Very prompt service and staff well trained and polite. Met our needs greatly even though it was all last minute."J.F., Legal Secretary
You did an excellent job in making our video deposition run smoothly! Before the deposition, you were easy to reach and always making sure that we were both on the same page. After the deposition, you provided me and our clients with everything we needed to prepare the transcript and prepare for trial. Thank you for the quality services!!"M.W., Court Reporting Agency
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